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Piano Tiles Electric


Piano tiles electricA candidate for best app of the Android market has arrived. Imagine one app that mix music, fun prank and addictive game. Electric piano tiles combine all to create a fun app. Our team works hard to make the best games, and in this package you find a piano with electric effects when touch the black and white tiles, a electric screen prank app and a electric bubble shooter game.
The Electric piano tiles part is a fun app. Tap on any piano tile and the piano sound will be in company of a bunch of electric lightnings. The last tile you touch will hold the core of the group of the bunch of electric beams. This happen when touch the white tiles and as well when touch the black tiles. The core will not follow your finger when move your finger on the screen, in such case the core will be static.
The electric screen prank app section is a popular app on the Android market. Our developer team has created a more complex, but more funny though, app. The player can use the blue lightning but if the player want to use the other electric beam colors: red, yellow and green, and the strobe light then need to collect coins.
Besides, the player can find the electric bubble shooter game. Here our design team has designed a complete graphic assets set to make the game follow the UI style of the electricity theme. The game is inspired in the popular game bubble shooter. The balls/bubbles have been designed inspired in electric objects, thinking at the same time on color-blind people. Each bubble is identified by an object related with electricity and energy: magnet, bulb, energy core, plug, radioactive sign, lightning, voltmeter and atomic nucleus.
There are several ways to collect coins: passing levels in the electric bubble shooter game, watching rewarded videos and sharing on social networks. The social networks implemented to give reward for share are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. A reward is giving by share on a social network, but only once. So, if the player share twice in the same social network only a reward is given, but anyway, the user can share in a social network as many times a he/she wants. About the coins given for watch a video, the user must see the complete video in order to obtain the reward. To enable this service you need to have wifi connection. There is no limit in the number of videos the user can see, the only limit is the availability of videos in your geo-location. Besides, pass levels in the electric bubble shooter game and you will get one coin per new level you pass. If you pass the same level more than once, you shall only get one coin for the first time you pass the level.
A few considerations to use this free app:- You need a built-in LED flashlight in you Android phone or tablet to use the flashing strobe flashligt.- A wifi internet connection is necessary to watch video ads for coin reward.- Think about your battery life when using the electric screen with the vibrator, and specially if the strobe flashlight is unlocked.
We hope you enjoy this free game. If you have any suggestion or feedback, please, contact us via email or leave a review/comment. Your ratings are important to us too.